Payment flexibility for when life can’t wait.

Easy to use

Get approved and pay in a manner of minutes

Choose loan terms that work for YOU

Doesn’t affect your credit score

Get approved and pay in two minutes flat!

Choose loan terms that work for YOU

Get a loan and get back to living in minutes

Select TuaPay at checkout

Follow the link you receive via SMS or email, select to split your payments over time

We’ll match you with
a lender

Once your profile is complete, we’ll review and match you with the best lender for you.

Choose your preferred repayment option and complete your purchase

We’re transparent and will clearly show you any interest charges (or lack thereof!) before you buy.

Payments are made simple with TuaPay

Tua helps you take control of your repayment plan.

Have questions? We have answers.

TuaPay Basics

What is TuaPay?

How does it work?

What type of interest rate and terms are available?

What is TuaX4?

Who can apply to TuaPay?

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

How it works

How do I sign up for TuaPay?

Do I get the money directly?

What if I don’t need the loan, how do I cancel my application?

What are the loan requirements?

Does TuaPay report to credit bureaus?

Am I able to pay off my TuaPay account early?

What if I am declined for TuaPay?

I signed up for TuaPay, what happens next?


How does the merchant get paid?

How do I make payments on my TuaPay account?

What are the late fees associated with TuaPay?

What are the late fees?

What is TuaPay's Non-Sufficient fund fee?

Account Management

How do I update my information?

How do I make a payment?

How do I see how much is still owing on my TuaPay?

How do I view my account documents?